About Us

This is the best and very useful productivity tool. This tool provides the ability to open multiple URLs of the website by just one click.
It is useful for digital marketers, researchers and internet surfers. Just copy and paste URLs and get the immediate result.
It supports a large number of links with HTTP and HTTPS.

How to Use URL Opener?

This tool is very easy to use. First of all, you need to copy the list of all the URLs and paste it inside the above blank box. It supports three type of URL format. All the URLs must be comma separated or space between two URLs and each URL in the next/new line. At last, click on "Open All URLs". As a result, all the URLs will be open in new tab.

Key Features

Simple Design

We provide a simple design to users. Users can easily use it and get the best solution.

User-Friendly Interface

The tool is nothing without a user-friendly atmosphere. So, we provide a simple and user-friendly interface.

Fast & Secure

Our tool opens URLs very fast, even more, the tool is 100% secure to use.

Languages We Have Used

Here are the languages we have used to make this awesome tool and the user-friendly interface.

HTML - URL Opener Online


PHP - Open Multiple Link online


Jquery - Multiple URL Open by URL Opener


Why we made this tool?

We have made this tool especially for digital marketers and SEO experts. They have to manually open hundreds of links to make backlinks. So we have decided to make this tool and give them to relief and fast interface. Now are using it very well mannered and save their time too. Also, researchers are now attracted from this tool and using it.

How SEO Expert Use Multiple Link Opener?

Backlinks are the golden key to rank in search engines. For that, the SEO experts open too many links and make backlinks on those sites. Normally, if an expert does it by copy and paste then they get bored. So, they use Multiple Link Opener to make this task easy and fast.

How many URLs you can open with one click?

Generally, there is no limit to open URLs. It all depends on the computer capacity and a number of tabs already opened. We advise you to open 10-15 URLs at a time. So, the browser doesn't get more load and you can easily surf all the URLs.

Which browsers are supported?

URL Opener is compatible with all the browsers. Such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Midori, Safari, Opera etc. The tool does not work if javascript of the browser is blocked. So, please make sure your javascript option must be enabled.


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