About Web URL Opener

This is the best and very useful productivity tool. This tool provides the ability to open multiple URL of the website by just one click.
It is useful for digital marketers, researchers and internet surfers. Just copy and paste URLs and get the immediate result.
It supports a large number of links with HTTP and HTTPS.

Have you ever obtained work on opening up a number of internet pages by clicking on them individually and analyze numerous issues from these websites? Have you ever obtained some random hyperlinks out of your good friend or colleague or any of your loved ones members asking your assist to recommend the best of the number of merchandise? Have you ever been recently analyzing websites in your personal enterprise to extend your search engine marketing (Search Engine Optimization) rating to position your small business higher towards the opponents? Each enterprise wants an in-depth evaluation, planning and correct execution of their plans to achieve success.

Certainly, for all of the above eventualities you need to open a number of URL’s at a time to take a look at the web pages. What you find yourself doing is, clicking on every hyperlink and opening them in both a new window or new tab. To ease you out from these powerful conditions and assist you to be extra productive, URL-Opener.net is the one-stop resolution for all of your worries.

Web URL Opener is the straightforward and intuitive method of opening up a number of or bulk URL’s immediately within seconds. All the web a number of URL opener instruments do is, wait till you click on “Open All URL’s” button after coming into all of the URL’s which you wish to open after which immediately open all the net pages that you've entered. Isn’t that superior? Say for example you wish to open 20 internet pages whose hyperlinks you could have helped, so as a substitute of clicking 20 instances on these 20 hyperlinks, you paste all of the 20 hyperlinks on this distinctive masterpiece https://www.url-opener.net and click on one button and whoa! All of the 20 URL’s are open so that you can surf via inside a fraction of seconds.

By the best way, did we point out that we don’t retailer any of your URL’s? Sure, we care concerning the privateness of information as a lot as you do and our thriving and real practices say that privateness is of utmost significance and dealt with care. We don’t accumulate any of your private info. We don’t even need you to enroll to ship these emails that are of no use and immediately goes into the trash of your mailbox! We with our promoting associate simply accumulate the person statistics which assist us to improvise the person expertise. Nothing besides that!

How to Open Multiple URL?

This tool is very easy to use. First of all, you need to copy the list of all the URLs and paste it inside the above blank box. It supports three type of URL format. All the URLs must be comma separated or space between two URLs and each URL in the next/new line. At last, click on "Open Multiple URLs". As a result, all the URLs will be open in new tab.

Key Features

Simple Design

We provide a simple design to users. Users can easily use it and get the best solution.

User-Friendly Interface

The tool is nothing without a user-friendly atmosphere. So, we provide a simple and user-friendly interface.

Fast & Secure

Our tool opens URLs very fast, even more, the tool is 100% secure to use.

Languages We Have Used

Here are the languages we have used to make this awesome tool and the user-friendly interface.

HTML - Multiple URL Opener Online
PHP - Open Multiple URL Online
Jquery - Web URL Opener Online

Why we made multiple URL opener tool?

We have made this tool especially for digital marketers and SEO experts. They have to manually open hundreds of links to make backlinks. So we have decided to make this tool and give them to relief and fast interface. Now are using it very well mannered and save their time too. Also, researchers are now attracted from this tool and using it.

How SEO Expert Use Multiple Link Opener?

Backlinks are the golden key to rank in search engines. For that, the SEO experts open too many links and make backlinks on those sites. Normally, if an expert does it by copy and paste then they get bored. So, they use Multiple Link Opener to make this task easy and fast.

How many URLs you can open with one click?

Generally, there is no limit to open URLs. It all depends on the computer capacity and a number of tabs already opened. We advise you to open 10-15 URLs at a time. So, the browser doesn't get more load and you can easily surf all the URLs.

Which browsers are supported?

Multiple URL Opener is compatible with all the browsers. Such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Midori, Safari, Opera etc. The tool does not work if javascript of the browser is blocked. So, please make sure your javascript option must be enabled.

Why should I use URL Opener?

There isn't any web site on this big ocean of Websites which doesn’t have its objective. Much like that, our multi URL opener serves its objective. Nevertheless, chances are you'll ask that there might be many such websites and why should I take advantage of URL-Opener .net? You doubt fully comprehensible, and that’s why we provide the causes to choose us than others.

Fewer Advertisement

The improbable high quality which makes us stand out from the remaining is we've got fewer advertisements on our house web page. We attempt to make the person expertise butter clean and therefore the coverage of fewer advertisements. 

Unlimited Sites

Certainly, there is no such thing as a restrict on what number of numbers of internet sites you'll be able to open by means of our net URL opener. Nevertheless, the most effective follow is to open round 10-15 net pages at a time such that you just don’t are likely to replenish your browser with bulk tabs or home windows opened concurrently and in addition forestall your laptop from freezing.

Another vital factor to notice right here is, our bulk URL opener works for internet hyperlinks. Therefore you don’t have to fret about whether or not it's an internet utility or shortened URL’s or web site itself or another distinctive system. You give it an online web page hyperlink and click on Open all URL’s, and there it's with all of the URL’s open in new tab or new home windows primarily based in your browser settings.

No need to use multiple URL opener browser extension

You don’t want to put in any additional extension in your browser to open a number of URL as a substitute you should utilize our internet URL opener software online.

Aren’t these causes sufficient so that you can go forward and use URL-opener.net? What are you ready for? Go forward and add URL-Opener.net to your shortcuts or favorites in your browser and see your productiveness elevated dramatically.


We do not store any links or link records.

The site developer and owner of URL Opener are not responsible for the links entered by the visitors.

This tool provides service on an "as is, as available" basis. We don't give any type of warranty, implied or expressed, for the service which we have provided.

Privacy Policy

We do not store any type of data from users.

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